FIREPLACES: Not as warm as they look!

Winter is fast approaching, and that means fireplace season. But don’t assume lighting a fire will warm up your house.   Unfortunately, you may end up cooler than when you started, since conventional fireplaces are notoriously inefficient…

Garage Safety Tips

Your garage may seem like a relatively benign area of your home,but in fact it may be harbouring serious safety hazards. One potential danger is the garage door. A garage door is the largest moving object found in your home, heavy enough to…

Basement Renovation Tips

Planning Your Basement Reno Converting your basement from a musty cellar to additional living space can be a good alternative to buying a larger home. And with proper planning, you could help the job proceed more smoothly, and even save thousands…

Hot topics in home buying:

Where to start..  Given that winter is almost upon us, how about the

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Pre-listing inspections are now commonplace.

Due to a shortage of homes for sale in many areas, some many listing agents and vendors are making available an inspection report to all prospective buyers (known as a pre-listing inspection report). Offers can then be presented clean (ie. not…